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15 Temmuz 2011 Cuma

I'll Take Care of You

Alright i know it's totally awkward to write in English for a totally Turkish blog but I couldn't stop myself outta it since it also has some connection with foreigners.
I always loved this song, even though knowing that it's just a cover. I wanted to sing this one not only to a special woman, but also to a lot of women. Because each of them meant a lot to me.
I will not give you details about my sexual life or about my relationships but i will speak about a few of them women reminded me of that song. You may call me a cheap Casanova or you may call me a goddamn bastard but as far as you got; I don't mind.
I met one of them at high school. We were not in contact at all until facebook. No, she didn't get hotter or she didn't become a car wash pornstar. I just liked speaking to her since she had a "beautiful" mind. Then I have heard about her cyst and felt weakened. Because I always wanted to be the hero, I always wanted to save the day but it was impossible for me. Yeah, the doctors could save the day but not me. Argh, I ended up at my same shithole once again. Thinking of her once in a while, knowing that she's ok but I am losin' it day by day.
The other one was an Estonian chick I met on New Year's Eve. Totally sexy, wearing fishnets and has the most important quality I searched for: a good bj. But she was hurt, I could feel it. Then she told me, about her ex-boyfriend; about her fucked up life because of her stepfather and all. Once again, I wanted to save her but couldn't.
Then time passed, I met a lot more; interacted with a lot more, wanted a lot more and found myself here; telling about one more. Met via my "pal" over than 10 years. He lived in Poland and his Polish friends were in town. That's how we met but she had always been the sweetheart; I don't know whether she was playin' or not. We chit chatted, while I was figuring out that she was hurt. Then she told me about her ex boyfriend whom she was waited for a year etc. Hugged me when I was leaving, with some intensity and "i want to see you again" signal. But no, I am already chained to Istanbul.
I always had this urge to save someone and be the "hero of the day" although I always hated people. But couldn't. Never, ever. And don't think i'll never, ever be able to. How to save them? I have no freaking idea. But I wanted to feel like Leon only once in my life instead of a big bad rocknrolla...
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