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27 Ekim 2009 Salı

Isolation Desolation

That song is for all the women who couldn't make their mindz 'bout me; or for all the women who have no characteristic balance which makes me nervous and which makes this young vagrant can not predict wha' they gonna do!

Hey yo, it's on the bookz, it's on the wallz, it's everywhere... It's a single rule that is remembered from time to time but has to be given the importance ALL THE TIME.


Note that down, kid.

Wait for me
At the edge of the world
Don't come to me if you're not quite sure
Do you feel the emptiness inside your soul
Did it break that heart of coal

Did your walls of sin
Crumble at your feet
Does the blood on your face
And on your hands, taste too sweet

In my mind you ain't lookin fine
So isolation
And inside you ain't fine to me
So isolation desolation

Don't wait for me
At the edge of the world
Don't come to me at all
The way you look
And think of me
Is much much much
Too small
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